Dent in Iron Man’s schedule after injury

Iron man

Robert Downey Jr sees the world with added graphics in the film Iron Man. Picture: Paramount Pictures / Marvel Studios

ROBERT Downey Jr has been injured on the set of Iron Man 3.

The accident happened while the 47-year-old actor was performing a stunt.

Marvel Studios confirmed the news and also announced production will be briefly delayed while Robert recovers.

“Robert Downey Jr sustained an ankle injury on the set of Iron Man 3 in Wilmington, North Carolina while performing a stunt,” Marvel Studios confirmed to ET Online. “There will be a short delay in the production schedule while he recuperates.”

It is not yet clear how long production will be postponed for.

Robert has reprised his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle and Sir Ben Kingsley.

The film has been in production since late May this year and is due for release in spring 2013, a date which is unlikely to be affected by the accident.

Robert’s rep confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the star is fine and they’re still waiting to see how long he’ll need before returning to the shoot.

The actor has previously spoken about his desire to push the limits with this film. It is not known if the injury was caused by Robert being overly ambitious with his stunts.

“I feel like I don’t know where you go after Iron Man 3,” Robert said to Entertainment Weekly. “Leave it all on the field, you know?”

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The slap costs Cottesloe artist Derek Roach $1000

A COTTESLOE man has been fined $1000 for slapping his neighbour’s kid in a real-life version of the popular book The Slap.

Derek Graham Roach, 62, was due to face a Perth court today for common assault over the incident after the eight-year-old boy’s horrified mother pressed charges.

Roach, a Cottesloe artist whose work has been featured at Sculpture By The Sea, changed his plea to guilty today at the start of the hearing in Perth Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor Paul McKee said Roach was at his home during the day on December 11 last year when several children kept ringing his doorbell and running away.

At 5.45pm, the doorbell rang again and Roach opened his front door to see a group of four or five young children running away.

He yelled out: “Cut it out, that’s enough”.

But 15 minutes later, the bell rang again.

Sgt McKee said Roach ran into a laneway near his John Street house and saw the eight-year-old boy coming out from behind a gate.

He said Roach grabbed the child by the shoulder and slapped him four to five times across the face.

He then returned the boy, who did not receive any injuries, to his mother and explained what had happened.

Defence lawyer Richard Lawson said Roach had been the subject of neighbourhood children playing “knock and run” four or five times a week for about two months and was becoming increasingly frustrated.

He said the Cottesloe man “swiped” the child across the face and said: “Don’t do that again.”

“In respect of the slap, I take instructions it was more of a swipe,” Mr Lawson told the court.

Mr Lawson said police were initially very reluctant to charge Roach over the incident, but the boy’s mother was adamant that he be charged.

He said Roach, a father of two, was described as “meek and mild mannered” and the assault had come as a surprise to those who knew him.

The incident bears an uncanny resemblance to Australian author Christos Tsiolkas’ award-winning novel The Slap, which was turned into an eight-part television series that aired last year.

The book explores what happens when a man slaps a three-year-old boy, who is not related to him, across the face after he misbehaves.

Magistrate Graeme Calder gave Roach a spent conviction and ordered he pay $1000 fine.

He said he thought it was very unlikely Roach would ever repeat his actions again.

“His conduct after the offence was very responsible, taking the child to his mother,” Magistrate Calder said.

Roach refused to talk to reporters as he left court this morning.


His aluminium sculpture Time Frame exhibited at the 2008 Sculpture by the Sea on Cottesloe Beach.

It was bought by Alcoa for $22,000 and donated to the Town of Kwinana, who installed it outside its council offices


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Back to the Futures Michael J Fox return to TV with new series!

Michael j fox

Michael J. Fox is planning his return to series TV more than a decade after he quit Spin City, thanks to new drugs that lessen his Parkinson’s symptoms.

MICHAEL J. Fox is planning a return to series TV, more than a decade after he left to fight Parkinson’s disease.

The actor, who first gained fame in the 1980s sitcom Family Ties and later headlined Spin City, will star in a comedy that’s in development at Sony Pictures Television for 2013, according to people with knowledge of the project.

The people, who lacked authority to publicly discuss the matter, spoke on condition of anonymity. The project has drawn strong interest from the major networks, they said.

The actor’s publicist did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Sony declined comment.

Fox, 51, who starred in the hit Back to the Future movie franchise, is working with Will Gluck, director of the film Easy A, and writer Sam Laybourne, whose credits include Cougar Town and Arrested Development, the people said.

The actor, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, leftSpin City in 2000 and said he intended to focus on helping find a cure for the disease. He started The Michael J Fox Foundation to fund research toward that goal.

Although he reduced his workload because of Parkinson’s, Fox has made guest appearances on TV series including Rescue MeCurb Your Enthusiasm and The Good Wife.

In May, Fox told the US’ ABC News that a new drug regimen has helped him control the tics that are a result of the disease and allowed him to take on more acting roles.

The new Sony project was first reported by the entertainment website Vulture.


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Jeremy Clarkson barking mad after dog’s death sparks Twitter taunts

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has launched into another rant after receiving Twitter abuse over his dog’s death.

TOP Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has launched into another of his infamous rants after being mocked when he tweeted about the death of his dog.

Clarkson’s latest tirade was prompted by the reaction when he tweeted about the death of his beloved labrador Whoopi.

His tweet simply said “My dog has just died.” The responses he received were less than sympathetic and included: ”How does she smell?”, ”Good”, and this:

Adam Farrow @adamfarrow

I feel so bad but this was so blunt it was kinda funny

Clarkson said he had announced Whoopi’s death on Twitter as an ”experiment” and that the results had confirmed that “Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter bastards”.

“Everyone must have known that when a family pet is put down, the family in question is bound to be upset,” he said.

“So you’d expect a bit of sympathy. And, in America, that’s what you’d get.

“Not in Britain, though. Moments after I posted my Tweet, a man called Ryan Paisey asked: “How does she smell?”

In true Clarkson form, Whoopi’s death turned into an opportunity to write off an entire country.

“Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter bastards. We are the country that invented the concentration camp, and international slavery,” he said.

“Hanging, drawing, quartering: that was us too. And who was it that sent the White Russians home to be slaughtered by Stalin? Yup. Us.”

Clarkson’s outburst prompted even more abuse, with many tweeting about the grumpy presenter’s hypocrisy.

”Who joked about murdered prostitutes & shooting protesters, is now complaining about people who joked about his dog’s death,” Scotbot wrote.

But Huw G said: ”Just to recap on Jeremy Clarkson’s philosophy: Saying people should be executed = funny. Jokes about his dog dying = not funny.”


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